Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NEW UPDATE AS OF 10/28/2011

- Turn out larger than expected

- Added 7th stage!

- Round count now at 175

- Be ready, "A" game needed!

- If you haven't signed up, DO IT NOW!

Steel Challenge Update:

The match is on! Looks like we have some betting people….

Below are the stages and shooting schedule. Review previous posts on this forum concerning the steel challenge for any questions. See you Sunday “MATCH DAY” October 30th.

Stages for match:

Pit 1 – Devil’s Fangs, Pit 3 – Showdown, Pit 4 – Roundabout, Pit 5 – Hope, Smoke, Pray, Pit 6 – Muludnep, Pit 7 – Go To Five

Shooting Schedule:

Final set-up 8:30am

Registration starts 9:15am

Registration ends 10:00am

Match briefing 10:15am

Shooting 10:30am


Anonymous said...

Pit 2?

Anonymous said...

Any room left on on Robby Orent's squad?