Thursday, October 20, 2011


On Sunday, October 30th we will be hosting a 6 ~ 7 stage, 175 round +/- STEEL CHALLENGE match at York Izaak Walton in Dallastown PA.

Ammo used must be below 150 power factor. NO EXCEPTIONS

Two types of entry fees as follows:

No-Payout Entry - Shoot the match without any chance of winning money: $15 per gun.

Payout Entry - Shoot the match with a payout to winners: $ 30.00 per gun, Max 2 guns. 100% payout minus entry fee $ 15.00 per gun.

If you want to shoot one gun as a No-Payout entry and the other as a Payout Entry you can. Monies you would owe at registration are $ 45.00. Shooting two guns as a Payout Entry you owe $ 60.00. Shoot two guns as a No-Payout Entry is 30.00. It’s like this; if you are a betting man, go for it!

Pre-registration is mandatory. Please email us at with the following:



Division ( Open Auto, Limited, Production, Rev Iron, Rev Optic, Rimfire Iron, Rimfire Optic, Carbine):

Shooting one or two guns: (Max 2 guns per shooter).

Who you wish to be squadded with:

Do not hesitate to sign up if you want to shoot. We expect this match to fill quickly.

Shooting Schedule:

Final set-up 8:30 am

Registration starts 9:15am

Registration ends 10:00am

Match briefing 10:15am

Shooting 10:30am

Food and drink will be available for purchase.
Please be aware of the speed limit coming both in and out of the club. Anyone reported to be speeding in the club will be reported to Howard and they may not be invited back to the matches in the future.

If you need to back out on the match for any reason, please do so prior to FRIDAY October 28th. Persistent no-shows will not be invited.

Thanks and see you Sunday October 30th

If you have any questions email me by replying to:

Kirk McWilliams – Match Director

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