Monday, October 3, 2011

World shoot update

Sorry I'm not able to post pictures. Access is sketchy at best. Using iPod to post. Takes to long to type too. Shooting has begun but Ben was scheduled off 1st day. He shoots the next five days and I'll keep you updated as possible. The important thing is we made it and the guns did too. We are through equipment check and ready to go. Stages don't look too tough. Reminds me a lot of Area 8 match this year. Wide open targets, a few gadgets, and just enough rope to hang yourself. Opening ceremonies were last night at an ancient arena and were pretty cool. Sights are beautiful, beaches are topless and food is ok. Good luck with match at izaak Walton this weekend.


Jeremy M said...

Good luck Ben and have fun guys

Gary S said...

Don't worry about us, we have a great team and all sytems are go!

Tear it up Ben!