Saturday, April 26, 2008

Keep your camera handy

You never know what you're going to see at the club. Tuesday I was in pit 5 setting up some steel and I heard something rustling behind me. I turned around expecting to see a chipmunk or something and saw this Garter snake trying to eat a toad. The snake was about 2 feet long and the toad had puffed himself up to about 2.5 in in diameter so it was a real struggle. The two fought for at least 45 minutes that I know of with no decision by the time I left. I know that this is totally unrelated but it was weird enough to be intersting, maybe. Besides I am running out of things to post, as you can probably tell by the slowdown. If you have any ideas email me.

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gary said...

Perfectly acceptable posting.
The IKES is a catch 22 venue. On one hand we have one of the best places around to play with our toys, and on the other, things like this are a reminder that we are treading on nature out there, and nature/conservation is what IWLA is all about. I enjoy our environment out there, and I have always thought we were strange bedfellows. Thanks for sharing nature at work. (It also reminds us that we share the place with creepy crawlies, so be careful).

Ok, the tree has been hugged, think I'll go load some more ammo....