Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not much going on

There's just not much to write about lately.

As far as the upcoming team 3 gun goes I can report that: I haven't done any confirmations yet if you're wondering, as I've been really busy with work. I intend to start on those tomorrow. We are up to about 17 teams now and still have room for a few more.

Also, the stages are done. I am getting questions about round counts, and it is a reasonable question, but is very hard to answer. They depend on your role within your team, and can very greatly depending on division, and ability.

A rough estimate for round counts: Rifle 40-140 rounds, Pistol 24-120 rounds, and shotgun 12 or so slugs minimum and 35 or so birdshot (7.5 or smaller). Keep in mind if you're shooting more of one gun than you're shooting less of the others. Like I said it's very hard to put a number on. Bring plenty.

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