Monday, April 28, 2008

Top ten reasons to come to set-up

The set-up for the May USPSA match will be Saturday, May 3rd at 11:00am. Please attend if possible. The are many advantages to helping witht the advance set-up.

10. More help = less burnout for the guys who are always there.
9. It's a good workout.
8. You get to preview the stages.
7. Match discounts and other advantages only the workers get.
6. Your input might allow us to make important changes to the stages before it is too late.
5. You could earn a nickname.
4. Early match sign-up at every set-up.
3. You get to play with power tools.
2. Your help is appreciated.
1. You never know what Frank will say or do next.


Mark Cooper said...

Yeah between Eeyore and Frank there is always entertainment.

gary said...

I resemble that reMark!

gary said...
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ALBY said...

yes, you can pick up a nickname... like DOMINATOR

or, you can do the same thing by drinking too much and running your yap at the park Inn.


gary said...

I believe the Park Inn was involved in the naming of a certain 4 hoofed critter with a broken extractor..err..pinned on tail...yea, yea,...thats it.

I'm sensing a trend here