Friday, March 21, 2008

Combos changed

All of the combos were changed yesterday afternoon. You should have already been notified if you are one of the deserving. If you have not been emailed regarding new combos and feel that you should have been email me. If you were emailed the new combos be sure you know them next time you go to the club.

All Izaak Walton members have range privileges on the front 3 pits. However, the right to use pistol committee props, and the back pits, is reserved for those who have earned it. Full access requires 18 hours of service throughout the year or 6 set-up days. If you need details on this or any other aspect of Izaak Walton membership email me.

Fearless leader of fun shoots, Gary. He'll be running one tomorrow morning if the weather cooperates. Try it if you have time.

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