Thursday, March 27, 2008

GM tip

GM Paul M. sends this simple tip: ALWAYS take a sight picture. He is absolutely correct. I see shooters make this mistake all the time. When you are given the "Make ready" command you should always cock your handgun, put your safety on, if applicable, and reholster. Then, draw and dryfire on a target, preferably the first target you will engage.

This accomplishes several important tasks. First it allows you to check to see if your dot is turned on if you're shooting Open, or that your sights are intact if you're shooting irons. (I've seen a bunch of iron sight failures in my time, especially since the advent of the fibre optic front sight) Second, it reminds you what the proper sight picture looks like and will help you find it faster. Third, it reminds you of the proper grip and draw technique. And perhaps most importantly it will help you decide if you're facing the right direction. If your stance is correct the gun will naturally come up on the target.

Always means every stage, both at matches and practice. Remember that you will shoot at matches like you do at practice. Practice like you mean it every time.

By the way, the command is now "make ready" not "load and make ready" as some stages do not require a loaded gun at the start.

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