Friday, March 28, 2008

Joining the York Izaak Walton

People ask me all the time how to join the York Izaak Walton and what it costs. Joining is easy and the cost is a bargain when you consider all that our club has to offer. Our annual dues are $75. Besides the rifle, pistol and trap ranges we ahve a variety of programs for all ages including archery, fishing, and several different family events. To join go to the clubs website at (link in right column) then click on membership, then application. While on the membership page you can see a larger list of the things available to our members, but even that list is not everything.

Fill out the application and send the completed application and a check for $125 1st year dues + $50 initiation fee)to me and I'll fast track it. If you need my mailing address email me. Once I have your application I'll get the sponsor signatures you need and turn it in at the next board meeting (always the 1st Tuesday of the month) It will be approved. I've never seen an application refused. At the next open meeting, which is the third Tuesday at 7:00pm, you can pick up your card, or if unable to attend they'll mail it to you.

The York Ikes have over 1000 members, but we're always looking for more. Amazingly with that many members the ranges are never crowded.

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