Saturday, March 22, 2008

Smith & Wesson M&P

20 years ago when the Glock was introduced it crushed S&W. They had one failed attempt to make a polymer frame gun with the Sigma, and another unsucessful try with the SW99 even though it was a fair gun. This time they got it right. I have been a glock guy for a while, but after the last match I shot Pat C.'s M&P. You've probably read all the hype about it. It was featured in every gun magazine around. It lives up to all of it. I picked mine up yesterday and Ben and I tried it today. It's a great gun. S&W improved on the wonder pistol. It has steel sights and a better trigger than the Glock and much better ergonomics. If you're looking for a production gun you can't do any better. At $485 with two mags, grip inserts and a nice case they're a bargain.

Here's something about it you may not know. Buy one before April 30th and a part of their "Spring Spectacular" S&W will give you a $50 rebate and two more hi-cap mags. They come in all kinds of calibers and configurations but hurry, they're not easy to find.

In PA I suggest "Artistic Edges" 717-741-1750. Tell Joe Howard sent you and he'll take good care of you.

In MD try "The Christian Soldier" at 410-661-2666. Tell Rob I sent you. He looks out for my guys too.

Aren't they both weird names for gun shops?


gary said...

I dunno, I find my STI "Edge" quite "Artistic"...

ALBY said...

SOLD... I'm buying one

Anonymous said...

I had purchased a Sigma in .40 cal last fall. It was my first handgun larger than a .22. I was very disappointed with the trigger pull on the Sigma.
Several weeks ago New Freedom Armory had a S&W weekend where you could try any S&W firearm for the price of the ammo. I tried the M&P .40 and was amazed at the difference. I traded up to the M&P. What a difference. It shoots great. I wanted to use it at the last fun shoot but my extra mags hadn't arrived yet. I will use it next time.