Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Your most expensive friend

One of my buddies once told me I was the most expensive friend he ever had. That's because I was constantly finding ways to spend his money on the bargains I found. Here's one for all of you.

There is some possiblity that the upcoming presidential election may not turn out well for gun owners. Particularly semi-auto rifle enthusiasts. In light of that I decided I better buy a couple more AR-15 lowers. So I researched it a bit and yesterday acted. The best place I could find to buy them was They have a nice selection. They sell DPMS lowers from $105 up depending on configuration.

The process is actually quite simple.
1. I faxed them a copy of Artistic Edges FFL. (You wouldn't have to do that, now that it's already done)
2. I called them and told them what I needed (6 various lowers)
3. Told them to ship to Artistic Edges.
4. Paid with credit card.
5. Called Joe and told him that there were uppers on the way and asked him to call me when they arrive in a few days.
6. When they come in I go to Artistic Edges and pay him $35 per unit for doing the proper paperwork etc.
7. I put them in safe as a great investment, or maybe build a new toy or two.


Howard said...

It took 3 business days for lowers to arrive. Shipping on 6 lowers was $20 and Joe charged me much less than the $35 per unit I was told. $35 is his charge for one unit. When you order multiples he drops the price dramtically for every unit added.

Anonymous said...

Where is artistic edges

Howard said...

Artistic Edges is right off Leaders Heights exit. About 5 miles from club. Call Joe for hours and directions at 717-741-1750 and tell him I sent you.