Monday, March 24, 2008

Saturday's Funshoot

Despite the cold, and snow flakes, we had a fun time Saturday morning. 16 shooters and a couple of guests showed, for what turned out to be just over 100 rounds. There are no pics, seems my camera doesn't like the cold either. I have also finally learned that Bowling Pins don't hold up to gunfire well when they are frozen, it was rather sectacular near the end of the day... We will have them back in a few months.
There will be a Funshoot in April, on the 26th, setup at 8;30, noise at 10:00.
Thanks to all who helped setup and teardown, I couldn't do it without you.
Below are the winners by class, congrats guys!

Rimfire, scoped Auto
Bernie Fallert
Rimfire, iron, auto
Chet wise
Centerfire, iron, revolver
Gary Coggins (New Guy!)
Centerfire, scoped, Auto
Dave Williams
Centerfire, Iron, Auto
Greg Jordon

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