Friday, February 22, 2008

Area 8 Mulit-gun Championship!

This year York and Topton will jointly host the first Area 8 Multi-gun Championship at Topton June 27th-29. Our new Area Director Alan M. has entrusted Dean D. and I to produce this match for him. We are excited to annouce it officially. It is already on's major match calendar and I expect applications to be available Monday. As soon as they are I will announce that and link to the application and provide more details.

At this time, I do believe that there will be 7 stages. The match fee will be $125. Your choices for time slots will be Friday 12:00pm until done (primarily staff), Saturday am (start 8:00am finish 4:00pm?), or Sunday am (start 8:00am finish 1:00pm?). I think we'll be asking full time staff to show up Thursday if possible, Friday am at the latest. We'll probably ask everyone who shoots Friday to show up in the am to help with last minute prep if they can. We'll probably ask everyone who shoots Sunday to stay a few extra minutes to help tear down if they can.

I will be in charge of staffing and I am looking for a few good men, or women to RO the match. You do not have to be a certified RO to help. If you're interested in helping email me at and let me know what you think you are capable of doing. We prefer full time staff (Thur-Sun)but if you only have a day or two let me know. Staff will be compensated very fairly.

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ALBY said...

I'd like to RO at this match...