Monday, February 25, 2008

Storytime with Uncle Tino part II

If you've seen our match calendar you know we changed our May match date from the second Sunday (the 11th)to the second Saturday (the 10th). The point of that change was to move our match off of Mother's Day. Something that should make many wives and mothers happy. However, that leaves us with something special by pure coincidence: A Saturday match which brings all of our shooting buddies into town, and nothing to do the next day except go have dinner with our moms. That makes the night of Saturday the 10th an excellent opportunity for "Storytime with Uncle Tino part II".

If you missed last year's you missed a great time. The idea is simple. After the match we all go about 20 minutes south to a piece of unimproved land I own, set up tents, build a fire, cook things and consume adult beverages until way late into the evening/next morning. The problem with the 2007 version was we had another match the next day. Some of our scores were not what they should have been to say the least.

This year we can sleep in a little, make a hearty breakfast, and there will be no rush to get out of there. I'm sure I'll discuss this more at a later date but mark it on your calendar now. Last year was a blast and I'm sure that the sequel will live up to our expectations.

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