York's first Falling Steel Match is announced!

On October 14th and 15th, York will be hosting our first Falling Steel Match. The match will be a half day format, and consist of 6 stages of 25-35 falling steel targets each. There are 9 gun categories, as well as team options, and you can shoot more than one time slot with the same or different guns.

Think FunShoot on steroids and on the clock!

For more details and the application, go to http://tinyurl.com/York-Falling-Steel

Monday, February 18, 2008

A new poll

Check out the new poll. I really care why you are coming here. So far I've just been doing whatever I felt was right, but if there is some direction I should be steering towards I want to know.

The last poll didn't really mean much. I just wanted to know if anyone really cared about the blog at all. Everyone said they liked it. The counter is confirming that. Now I want to know what it will take to keep everyone interested.

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Tom Gallup said...

I think this is a pretty cool way of sharing info, i am enjoying all the pics and info, it is pretty cool.

Something of interest, maybe a section on training tips and techniques, even with videos or something. Just some thoughts.