Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why I'm no fan of OO buck

Check out the post at
and you'll see a great post about OO buck. The guy is right on the mark.

Keep in mind that at the closer ranges 6 shot is every bit as deadly, and is a lot safer as far as overpenetration is concerned.

Some of you may remember using it at a shotgun match at Izaak Walton on full size poppers at 35 yards. Even if you got a few on a lightly calibrated popper there was no guarantee it would take it down. Observing good shooters get frustrated on a test that OO should excel at clinched it for me. That is the most overated stuff on the planet. If the targets were any closer birdshot would have been better. Slugs would definitely have been better. There is no room for OO buck on the shelves in my gun room.

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Mike said...

Buckshot does have a place in shotgun competition.
If you shoot IPSC Shotgun matches (remember, we will host the World Shotgun Championships in 2010), they use buckshot on paper - generally behind noshoots to make it tougher. For that, an the occasional IMGA match that does the same thing, you need to know how your shotgun patterns with buckshot and which choke to use.