Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Encoded Ammunition Act

As if ammunition hasn't gotten expensive enough the anti-gunners are trying to ram the Encoded Ammunition Bill, HB #2228, down our throats in PA. From what I hear this is a concerted effort and is taking place in most if not all states.

It entails the serialization of all casings and projectiles in all of our favorite calibers. There is also a tax that goes along with it to pay for the registration database. Handloaded ammunition will be illegal. The cost of ammo will be prohibitive for sports like ours. I expect ammunition companies will refuse to comply and will just quit selling ammo to all but the military and police which are exempt.

If you live in PA go to www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/find.cfm and find out who your legislators are and tell them to vote against HB #2228. Every phone call and email counts. I talked to my state senator one day personally and he told me very few people actually take the time to communicate with him on any issue. Therefore according to him every call or email is considered to represent thousands of constituents who have remained silent.

If you live in other states find out if a similar bill is in your legislature and fight it like your hobby depends on it. It may.

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Anonymous said...

I spoke to my rep Mike Vereb about this and he agreed that this bill which came from a Philly group of reps was not a good piece of legislation (unique number inside each case, same on the bottom of each bullet and the box - each box different). I also thanked him for voting against 1 gun a month and similar bills which have no impact on crime or criminals.
He was not in favor of sales of the new Tazer-MP3 player in PA because of concern with deaths in people who have been "Tazed".