Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Always nice to get some new pictures. I put out a call for some good pictures and here are a couple of the ones I received. If you have some please email them to me. I could use some more.
Remember sometime ago in a post I mentioned our resident elk hunters? Here is proof that they are successful elk hunters. I wasn't thinking about non-shooting pictures when I asked for them, but there should be no limitations on this blog. I think a lot of us will find it interesting. That's a nice bull Rob!
Rob ROing Paul S. I've got to tell you I never thought much of Ruger centerfire semi-autos but Paul does a nice job with his. It is accurate enough, and truly reliable. I have always told new shooters to use what they have if they can until they figure out what they like better. When Paul started I thought he would need a new gun asap, but so far I can't see any reason for him to change.

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