Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Inside Information - Area 8 Multi-gun

Sunday the planning committee met and planned all the stages for the A8MG to be held in Topton June 27th and 28th. Wow! The stages look cool on paper and the round count is impressive. 124 rounds min. for rifle. 114 rounds min. for pistol. 68 birdshot and 12 slugs min. for shotgun. When I say minimum I mean plan on shooting more than that. Dean says the standard for multi-gun is to bring twice minimum round count and I think that's a great idea.

Working from memory, so don't hold me to this, I think the stages look something like this:

1. 32 rounds pistol on all Pepper poppers and 32 rounds of rifle on close metrics.

2. 32 birdshot on US poppers, blowouts, and static clays.

3. A 32 rounds pistol course with 12 steel and 20 rounds on paper.

4. 20 rifle on steel plates at 80 yards from prone, and another 20 rifle on close metrics, followed by 24 rounds of birdshot on static clays.

5. 24 rifle on close metrics, followed by 12 birdshot on static clays, followed by 24 pistol on metrics. All on a huge field course which uses 2 adjoining pits.

6. 16 rifle on 200 yard flash targets and 12 rifle on point blank metrics. 4 at 200 yards will be standing unsupported!

7. 12 slugs on plates at 50 yards, followed by 26 pistol on metrics.

As you can see there is nothing fancy going on here. There's not a mover in the match. Just plain old shooting and a lot of it. Skill should be the decider in this one.

There will only be one time slot Saturday all day. I know the match fee is $125. Alan said the applications should be out anyday now so keep your eyes open for them and don't hesitate to get signed up.

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