Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Using what you have.

I was thinking about telling new shooters to use what they have as long as it's legal for competition, accurate enough, and reliable. I always tell them that the best place to spend their money is on ammo. Really that goes for all of us. Instead of rushing out to get the newest flashy piece of gear hoping it will make us better shooters we would generally be better off to just buy more ammo and practice with it. If you think that fancy guns are what gets it done you should look closely at Rob Leatham, Todd Jarrett, Dave Sevigny, Max Michel, and Travis Thomasie's guns as I have done. Their guns are just run of the mill, nothing impressive about them. They are eminently reliable, and I'm sure they're plenty accurate. They all have one thing in common. They look like they've been used hard. Lots of practice. Lots of dry firing. Lots of matches. They spend their (or their sponsors) money on ammo.

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